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The founding of the BZH

With respect to the founding of the BZH (Biochemie-Zentrum der Universität Heidelberg) the rector of the University of Heidelberg at the time, Peter Ulmer, wrote following editorial in the issue 3/96 of the "Ruperto Carola".

Further background information to the founding of the centre is provided by an article of Claudia Wassmann which came out in the issue 3/96 of the Ruperto Carola as well. The introduction of this article summarizes the essential facts:

"The founding of the "Biochemie-Zentrum Heidelberg" improves the scope of teaching for students enrolled for natural sciences as a main subject and creates promising conditions for interdisciplinary research projects. Six chairs for biochemistry will be filled out of different faculties in order to offer a most comprehensive teaching program for all subjects involved, for biology, chemistry and medicine. Especially in times of tight financial means the centralization of personnel capacity and space is a forward-looking course to follow in order to profit from available resources and to establish and maintain high quality standards in research and teaching.